Student community

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Here at the CDT we have an active student community that spans accross the four partner universities. Here is a flavour of what we get up to.


Informal collaborations

As well as the more formal teaching methods we also like to meet up in a more relaxed way.

Coffee catch-up's

Occuring every fortnight this informal meeting open to all students is with the programme manager to discuss general issues.


Cohort building 

These enable you to collaborate on a specific area. For example the students last year took part in a powertrader energy workshop.


Journal club

Set up by students this is a fortnightly session where recent research activities are discussed.



Social activities

We recognise the importance and benefits of getting together as a group and there are lots of opportunities to take time out together online and inperson.Things inlcude:  

Seaonal get togethers 

For example last christmas we held an online party with games and activities to take part in. 



This year a picnic at Woollaton Park, Nottingham was held for all years to meet and relax together.  


Other opportunities

Our students often have the chance to give back to the community.

Student video

One of our students organised the production of  videos on hydrogen for primary children.



Panel Q&A sessions

Others took part in a Q&A for high school pupils thinking of studying at university.