Research themes

Research themes

The Universities of Nottingham, Loughborough, Birmingham and Ulster have a strong track record of outstanding research into hydrogen technologies. For example, the Hydrogen Systems Test Bed, funded by the Energy Research Accelerator and hosted at the University of Nottingham, is the largest academic hydrogen research lab in the UK and will be used to investigate hydrogen production, storage and utilisation technologies.

The challenges for future hydrogen research can be grouped into four themes:

Cost reduction

  • Improving the efficiency and resilience of generation
  • Storage and gas upgrade technologies
  • Utilising low cost or waste resources e.g. agri-waste and recycling of critical elements

Systems level and multisectoral innovations

  • System-level optimisation
  • Harmonisation of standards across generation, purification and distribution
  • Unlocking tangential market opportunities


  • Innovative safety strategies and engineering solutions
  • Inherently safer engineering designs
  • Sensors
  • Regulation, codes and standards

Managing change

  • Technical
    For example, the impact of hydrogen on infrastructure and appliances
  • Societal
    For example, building public confidence in hydrogen technologies
  • Economics
    For example, reducing economic shock through hydrogen-ready appliances
  • Political
    For example, public procurement to promote assurance for new markets

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